QNE Enterprise Solutions
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Modules : GL + AR + AP + Multi Currency + Project + Sales + Purchase + Inventory + Partial Delivery + UDF + Validation Manager + Serial Number + Credit Control + Pricing Rules + BOM + Margin Scheme

Single Company

Included Training & 1year Support

Power Features:


Full Keyboard Operation

Eliminate the Hassle Of Month End

Easy to Correct Data Entry Error

Effective and Fast Inquiry

Handle Post-dated Cheque

Password Protection

Multi-level Access Control

Unlimited Accounting Period

On-line help


User-friendly Source Document Entry Screen

Account Budgeting Capabilities to Monitor Performance

Powerful Report Designer

Daily Bank Reconciliation

Truly Real-time Automated Posting

Powerful Search Engine

Credit Limit Control

Stock Status Assistance 

Multi Currency Control

Extensive Drill Down /Zoom in facility

Date sensitive report output; comparison usage for the financial report

All transactions can be entered easily (depends on the access right control)

Imaging Support

Support data exporting to multiple file, eg. Excel, Word, Html, JPG, BITMAP etc.

Provide sales analysis by item, customer categories, area, etc to pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of business

Automated selling price and purchase price controls, reduce human errors and improve customer services

Price history by customer, supplier and item to enhance negotiation power

Support 6 costing method: Fixed, FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Last Purchase Price & FIFO with future cost.


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